EZ Dock vs. Wood? IT’S NOT EVEN CLOSE.

How about a complete dock system IN A DAY?  Why wait months to “Get on someones’ list”?

Conventional wood dock builder warranty is usually none. EZDOCK? THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS 8 YEARS!

Our dock sections offer several advantages:

  • They have the best features built right in. These sections are molded to be durable, slip-resistant and low-maintenance. Slip-resistant texture is molded right into the top, so these docks are safer than wood or concrete for bare feet. The materials are made to last, with no need for repainting or maintenance for rot and splintering.
  • They create customizable dock systems. Our dock sections come in multiple shapes and sizes so they can be configured you your exact specifications. The range of choices means you get the design you need for your commercial or residential dock.
  • They are more durable. Traditional floating docks are one section, which can make them stiff and unyielding in harsh weather, increasing the risk of damage. In bad weather, EZ Dock sections move independently, making your system stronger and more resistant to damage. This bit of give has allowed EZ Dock systems to withstand even tropical storms.

EZ Dock was founded by water enthusiasts for water enthusiasts. We designed our entire brand around one philosophy: we want EZ Dock to be part of the best investment in your waterfront property. You can find EZ Docks at restaurants, marinas, homes, recreational areas and more.While there are many advantages of EZ Dock over traditional wood docks, the most significant is reduced maintenance, which can be measured in both time and money saved. EZ dock sections don’t rust or splinter, nor do they have individual boards that need to be replaced or painted. Keeping your dock looking new only takes a little soap and water.The secret? Our quality. EZ Dock docks are durable, barefoot-friendly and designed to look great. They’re even environmentally-friendly. Our products don’t leach chemicals into the water, the way treated lumber can. Our docks also let some light through, making it healthier for marine life, and are made from recycled plastic. If you want to make the best investment for your waterfront, contact EZ Dock today.

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