At Decks, Docks, & More, we provide a range of different services for your deck, dock, and boat lift needs. By using only high-grade quality materials, we make sure that all of the work that we do to improve the look and the function will be beautiful for years to come. No matter what size project, big or small, our professionals are ready to help you transform your investment. Over the years we have helped transform many satisfied customer’s property, adding value and function along with increasing their property value.

Some of the services we offer (click on them!);


Docks need special repairs as they are constantly exposed to water. Day after day, with the water movement, moisture gets trapped deeply into the wood with the potential to cause multiple problems. By its nature, a dock is constantly at risk of rotting and damages due to environmental hazards. Even if it has been lucky and has not been injured by storm or wind catastrophes, there is still deterioration that occurs over time.

More then other surfaces, a dock is prone to looking old and years beyond its age. Our team of professionals are experts at bringing back that natural beauty back in docks. Whether it needs to be taken back to its original look or if you would like to give your old dock a face lift, we are ready to take on whatever challenge you might have.

Our pros are ready to tackle the common dock issues and to do a full inspection to make sure that it is just an external problem. Here is a sampling of the beautification services that we can provide for your dock:

• Pressure washing services
• Dock refinishing
• Restoring
• Resurfacing
• Staining

If it is more then just a surface issue, we can help determine the cause and way to fix it. Because of the structure of docks, there are a lot of safety concerns with cracking and splitting. After a while, moisture and UV rays attack at the core of exposed wood making the internal particles weaker and weaker. While it might look just a little bad, know that deep down there is the potential for a serious problem as the exposure to environmental hazards such as water and wind is one of the main causes of broken boards.

No matter what material your dock is made out of, it is taking a constant beating from the climate. Our experts are ready to help you not only fix the common problems with docks but also to help you develop a plan for preventative care. A well maintained dock will cost less over time and it is easy to keep up with, as the care will be minimal. More importantly, it will be safer for you and your family if it is properly kept up.

Our professionals are ready to help you correct the following common problems with your dock:

• Board replacement
• Total dock renovation
• Common repairs such as splitting and cracking
• Restoring or add a swim ladder
• Preventative care management

Although these are the most common dock issues, our professionals are able to help you with any situation that you might be in. Large or small, we have serviced docks of all sizes and restored them for our satisfied customer’s safety and enjoyment. Contact one of our representatives and discuss your dock needs. One of our experts will be happy to assist you in getting the use back of your dock.

Boat Lifts

No longer just for the wealthiest of individuals, boat lifts are becoming increasingly popular. There are many benefits to having a boat lift installed on your dock and it is becoming easier and more affordable. Whether you have decided to get a boat lift for better performance from a clean hull, so you can protect your boat from wind damage and storms, for the peace of mind at a less frequently visited second residence, or just for the increased property value that they offer, boat lifts are a great way to help you maintain the safety of your boat.

At Decks, Docks, & More, we provide services for the common issues that happened with boat lifts, including:

• Boat lift service
• Repairs
• Maintenance and preventative care

Decks, Docks, & More only uses the best materials and hires experienced professionals. We have satisfied customers all over the Columbia, Lexington, and Chapin South Carolina areas. Whether you are looking for repairs, restoration, preventative care, or just to make that deck or dock more beautiful, we are ready to help.


We specialize in all types of deck issues and repairs. Whether you are looking to make your deck a little bit more pleasing to the eye or do a new addition, at Decks, Docks, & More we will help you get exactly what you need. No matter what damage or weather has done, the old deck can be reinvented easily and become once again a usable space to be proud of.

With our years of experience, our professionals have helped many people across the area get more from their deck experience. A beautiful deck will add to your property value and help with the overall look of your property space while giving you and your family a place to relax and have fun.

Here is just a small list of the services that we provide for decks:

• Pressure washing systems
• Refinishing
• Restoring
• Resurfacing
• Renovation
• Sanding

We also perform many of the common and not so common repairs that happen with deck ownership. Whether it is to protect it from the environmental hazards, to fix a structural issue, or to make it more beautiful, here is a small list of some of the services that our professionals have provided our satisfied clients with over the years:

• Deck board replacement
• Staining
• Painting
• Repairs to cracks and splits
• Preventative deck care and maintenance

If there is a deck issue that you have been having that is not on one of these common problem lists, feel free to contact one of our representatives. Our experienced professionals can help you no matter what the problem is and we can address any deck repair that is needed.