Lift Maintenance and repair

The convenience of a boat lift is a real luxury, but only if the lift is working properly. Regular maintenance is REQUIRED per ALL manufacturers  on your boat lift to make sure it continues to work properly.  Proper maintenance will ensure that your lift performs smoothly and safely for many years to come.  Ignoring routine maintenance may damage your lift, shorten it’s lifespan and result in difficult and costly repairs.

General Boat Lift Maintenance Procedures

Lift Cables and hardware – Boat lift cables need regular inspection for any signs of wear and to see if they are winding properly.  Rust spots, broken strands, fraying, kinks and abnormalities are all signs that they may need to replaced.  If you notice any signs of wear, contact us ASAP and have us inspect them to see if you need a cable replacement.

Luckily on Lake Murray we have fresh water, not salt, but cables, pulleys and MOTORS still require proper lubrication in order to function properly.

  Individual strands inside the cable move and rub against one another during normal operation which causes abrasive wear on the inside and outside of the cable.   Penetrating chain and cable lubricants provide corrosion protection and lubrication to the core inside strands, the exterior surfaces and also wash off the external surfaces to remove contaminants and dirt.  Proper lubrication can greatly increase cable life.

Failure to properly maintain your lift may cause a catastrophic failure resulting in damage to your lift and dock, damage to your boat and / or severe injury.  Please do not take chances , simply get on our annual maintenance list and we will take care of it for you.