EZ Port PWC Floating Dock.

EZ Dock port max 2i
EZ Dock port max 2i

Why EZ Port over competitive products?

EZ Port ® Jetski Ports (Lifts) can be used individually or can be made part of a complete EZ Dock System. Additional EZ Dock sections can be used along with your EZ Ports for walkways, landings, and swim platforms. Other accessories from EZ Dock such as swim ladders, benches, cleats, slides, bumpers, utility channel, storage boxes, etc. can be used with the EZ Port products.

EZ Port Max 2i Jetski port in Action on Lake Murray in Chapin SC
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The EZ Port MAX 2i is the longest, one-piece drive-on lift on the market. Longer means more water displacement. More water displacement means more buoyancy. The patented chamber structure provides more flotation. With the EZ Port MAX 2i, even the heaviest watercraft will be sitting high and dry.

EZ Ports lock together using the patented EZ Dock coupler sets. These allow individual lift sections to be converted into a single assembly that can be anchored using a single set of anchors. One watercraft can still be loaded or launched without disturbing the other watercraft on adjoining lifts.

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Jetski Port Details