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At Decks, Docks, & More of beautiful Lake Murray in Chapin SC., our goal is to provide you with all of your dock and deck needs. Whether you need dock repair, dock maintenance or would like a total board replacement, we are here to help. We have transformed many dock systems from Lexington to Chapin to Gilbert and Newberry from eyesores into beautiful and better functioning systems. Whatever your particular issue is, our professional team can create a useful and economical solutions that will maintain its beauty and functionality for years to come.

Cosmetic issues can run deep in any dock or deck. Although it might just look like something that is merely a beauty issue, there could be structural problems that are not being exposed on the surface. Our experienced team can assess what is the real issue and examine all points of possible trouble, obvious or not. By having one of our professionals truly examine all points of concern, you can prevent costly problems down the line. A well maintained dock or deck should be able to provide years of enjoyment and use. Keeping it that way is easy and hassle free so you can prevent expensive situations down the line.

If you have a dock or deck that is structurally sound but that needs a little TLC, our specialists can provide any number of services to help with deck care or dock care and prolonging the life of your investment. We are experts in soft washing services, restoring, staining, and resurfacing with new boards if required.

Any wood surface needs to be protected from the elements. As the years go on, the heat, humidity, and weather changes pound at the external surface of a dock or deck. If not protected properly, it will make its way into the core of the wood and will causing cracking, breakage, and eventual board loss in certain areas.

Here at Decks, Docks, & More, we take extra steps to make sure that your investment will be protected by offering a variety of professional services to keep it looking beautiful and operating soundly. The safety and the health of your dock will be thoroughly examined so that any future or present issues can be corrected.

In order to keep your dock or deck looking stunning, we also provide services that will help bring out the natural beauty of the wood while helping protect it from the environmental hazards. Our experienced team does HAND BRUSHED staining of docks and decks. We specialize in every type of wood and composite lumber as well, so no matter what type of material, we can make it look fresh and new again.

All of our materials that we use are top quality and with easy regular care, will last for many years. We take pride in only using the best materials to prevent damage of your dock or deck. The true test of any material is the test of time. Cheaper materials may save you money at first but by the next year or few years, you are going to be looking yet again at getting the same thing done. Instead of looking at your deck or dock as something that needs to be fixed or painted, think of it as it truly is…an investment. It adds to your property value and maintains the overall look of your home. In addition, a beautiful and easily maintained deck or dock will prevent issues down the line such as board replacement or rotting wood. We want you to feel proud of your dock or deck and be able to use it without worry.

If the years have gotten to your deck or dock and you have problems such as missing boards, our professionals are ready to help. Whether it is an issue of cracking or splitting or even if it is totally broken off, we will look at the reason that it happened. If it is something that could bring up other issues or other board problems, we will advise you on what needs to be corrected. If necessary, we might address those issues before doing a total deck or dock board replacement. After we replace the board, we will do a paint or staining match if wanted. Along with replacing the single board or collection of boards, our pros will check the structural health of the other boards. Even if it was just an accident or damage to the few boards or that section of the dock or deck, there is still a chance that it stressed the other sections. We will make sure that everything is sound and able to be used without fear of future problems.

If you are looking for a deck or dock renovation, at Decks, Docks, & More, we can help. Whether you would like an extension, addition, or would like a rebuild of the exact structure, we can help you create a refined and practical solution. Whatever your vision is, we can help make it happen and change your deck or dock into something to be proud of. Our team can transform the look and help it function better as a part of your life. If it is something simple such as the addition of a dock swimming ladder or a project that is more complicated, we are ready to help.

In addition to our deck and dock services and repair, we also offer boat lift service and maintenance. Boat lifts are becoming an increasingly popular solution on lake Murray privately and commercially. Boat owners recognize the benefits that lifts have to offer such as protection from the elements, lowered annual maintenance costs on boats, and an increase in property value. If you have a boat lift on your property that has not been functioning properly, we can help repair it. Our boat lift services are the same professional quality as all of our deck and dock services.

We service all of Lake Murray, the cities of Columbia, Lexington, and Chapin South Carolina including the immediate surrounding areas. No matter what size of the job needed, big or small, contact one of our friendly representatives and get started on your way to a beautiful dock, deck, or boat lift today!

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At Decks, Docks, & More, we provide a range of different services for your deck, dock, jetski ports and boat lift needs. By using only high-grade quality materials, we make sure that all of the work that we do to improve the look and the function will be beautiful for years to come. No matter what size project, big or small, our professionals are ready to help you transform your investment.Over the years we have helped transform many satisfied customer’s property, adding value and function along with increasing their property value.